About me and my AG 925 Jewellery website

Handcrafted Jewellery by Angie G.

Why Angie G and AG925?

Quite simple really, A.G are the initials of my makers mark and family name, nothing to do with the chemical symbol for silver (Ag), which is just pure coincidence.

Sterling Silver 925 is the main material that is used in all of my jewellery.

About Me

I am a jewellery maker / designer based in South Yorkshire.

I developed an interest in making jewellery in 1982 whilst at college, although only basic beads, silver plated wire and findings were available at the time and being a student money was short. Many of my friends liked the jewellery and soon I was making  pieces for them too.

I became interested in working with Silver in 1997 after noticing a Silversmithing and Jewellery course advertised at my local Art College.

I went on to attend this course for 2 years, then went back for a year in 2007.

My main passion is working with Silver and Gemstones. My second passion using handcrafted / Lamp work glass beads, Silver beads and Silver wire. All pieces are designed and handmade by me.

My inspiration - I have always been inspired by my father, a lifelong artist who has taught me to love art of all types. My jewellery is inspired by my love of Venice from the architecture right down to the designs found in the carnival masks and water formations seen in the canals.

I work using many different techniques which are dependant on my inspirations at the time of designing and which compliment the materials that I am using in the design.

Each piece is unique and I am passionate about creating pieces that are contemporary and elegant.

Where possible I source materials in person direct from their origin:- Murano from the Island (A wonderful place to visit ),  Czech Glass from Prague (so picturesque), and Sea Glass from the beaches I visit (all sea glass jewellery will have the place of origin included with the piece) and finally Lampwork from UK artisans (again the name of the artist will be included).

All pieces are finished with my makers mark and are hallmarked where required at Sheffield Assay Office.